AOK, Blind Date and Chisholm

WE are INSPIRED by our children’s Acts of Kindness. We hope YOU are too!

An Act of Kindness…
…begins with a gesture of good will. Whether spontaneous or planned, it is often a kind word or deed generated by a core response deep within all of us. The children who come to Chisholm often come from lives lived bereft of kindness. Due to this, our children struggle to understand another person’s emotional state; a critical skill for success in life.

The Acts of Kindness (AOK) program at Chisholm was designed with our children in mind. It allows them to recover developmental milestones they never achieved and to have the opportunity to connect with the local community. Through AOK they’ve raised money for animal shelters and given donated coats to the homeless. They’ve written letters to veterans and made and gave playdough for children at the IWK. They experience, sometimes for the first time, how it truly feels to give selflessly.

After one year of AOK’s “paying it forward”, we witnessed one child give his hard-earned allowance to someone in need on the street; another child return a wallet someone had dropped.

Blind Date With a Star…
…is a fundraising event which began 19 years ago and has always supported children in your community. It began with support for the LINKS Literacy program and now includes the important work that Chisholm Services for Children does in the province. By supporting Blind Date, you’re supporting this extremely valuable cause. We are so grateful for the tremendous amount of support we’ve received throughout the years from the many different corporate partners, table/ticket purchasers, venues, celebrities, volunteers, and event organizers.

Ask anyone who has been before, it is one of Halifax's events not to be missed! We hope to see you there so mark it off on your calendar - Tuesday, February 26th, 2019! The event kicks off at 5:30 with a reception at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 (1055 Marginal Rd.) and then your Blind Date starts!!

Chisholm Services for Children…
…is the only non-profit organization in Central Nova Scotia offering a long-term residential care program, which specializes in early intervention. Chisholm is dedicated to guiding children who face severe adverse circumstances like neglect and abuse, to a realization of self-worth. Chisholm helps children develop skills and capacities to function successfully in a community setting and grow as healthy, stable individuals.

Since 2013, Chisholm Services has also assisted children in the community through the oversight of the LINKS program; an after-school program offered to over 200 children annually aged 6 to 12 who are reading below grade level or are diagnosed with a learning disability.