Celebrity Profile


Pop Country Trio

LACEWOOD is an original pop country trio featuring top Canadian Idol finalist - Dwight d’Eon, East Coast Pop Songstress/Philanthropist - Lana Grant and in-demand Musician/Producer - Chris Iannetti. Building on their individual musical success, which brought them national exposure, awards, nominations and multiple music releases, they now want to let their fans get to know them within this new and exciting band platform.


They have already created a buzz on radio/media with the launch of two of their original singles and videos, So What If I Miss You and Let’s Just Dance, ahead of their much-anticipated album due out this Spring 2018! 101.9FM’s Russell Mackenzie is calling LACEWOOD the next country ‘Super-Group’, which has them working extra hard in the studio this winter to live up to that endorsement!


Until the album launch you can follow their performances and progress through their social media/web from www.lacewood.ca.